Patching holes in blue jeans

Many people will simply leave holes in place as it doesnt require any work. Use a patch of denim matching the color of the torn jeans that is large enough to cover the hole. Some damage leaves jeans looking rough even after a repair, but your jeans will be functional and free of holes and rips. One way to fix holes in blue jeans is to cut them off above the knee and turn them into shorts. Sep 02, 2016 cooler weather means wearing jeans frequently, and wearing jeans frequently means wearing jeans out more quickly than you ever thought possible. I know jeans with holes in them are the rage right now, but not when the holes are in the crotch. Theyre easy to use like patching a bike inner tube and durable. Fixing holes in jeans, inner thigh or crotch from rubbing. Were spending this week in the workshop creating some new projects, and so, in addition to new content and cool inspiration, well be sharing some classics from manmades alltime greatest hits. Thread the sewing machine with the denim thread in the upper thread and bobbin.

Then turn your jeans rightside out and sew over the damaged area to reinforce the repair. How to fix holes where the jeans meet the pockets ehow. Position your jeans on an ironing board so that you can see the board through the hole you dont want to glue your pant leg together. Its the beginning of the 22 nd month and my jeans need a bit of help getting across the 2 year mark.

Periodically check your jeans for any holes especially the crotch. Jan 19, 2017 2 this tutorial uses traditional blue denim knee patches on black skinny jeans and bonus she shows how to insert the ankle zipper. Plus on little kid pants it is cute to use colored thread. How to mend jeans when the holes are in the knees 9. Latest photos how to repair holes in jeans alldaychic strategies i love jeans.

Many people wear decorative patches on their jeans to make a personal statement. Anyway, i wear my jeans out, and for a long time have been expertly patching the knees and crotches of favorite pairs. Lay the pair of jeans on a hard, flat surface such as a table or an ironing board with the hole facing up. Adjust the stitch width to sew a wide and elongated zigzag stitch.

Denim, although a quite durable fabric, has a tendency to wear and tear. If i want holes in blue jeans all i need to do is let my boys wear them for a few days. My jeans tear at the crotch but i still really love. How to patch jeans and keep the distressed look youtube. Spread fabric glue around the edges of the hole to stop it from growing. Ironon patches make the task simple, as only an iron and an ironing board are required. It is better to patch them before a tear, so the patch can adhere to the existing fabric, maintaining the original. Cut pieces of the fusible and line the area surrounding the. But this pair of jeans in particular, i really didnt want to throw out because i love them so much. Its best not to wait for holes to develop, so before you start wearing a new pair of jeans you can have patches sewn into the upper thighcrotch, to strengthen the area, or have the area patched as soon as you feel it thinning.

Place the patch over the hole, lay your jeans flat, and pin the patch to the jeans. Trim the scrap of fabric for the patch slightly larger than the hole you are patching. A small tear can be sewn together, while a larger hole will require patching. For a start, with good fabric glue, you wont have to worry about the yellowing effect that you get with some glues. Oct 17, 2019 yet before we dive into the best fabric glue for patching jeans, its important that we assess the main considerations you need to know for what constitutes a good fabric glue in the first place. It dries in a few minutes and stays flexible after washing and drying.

A rip in your jeans doesnt have to mean a trip to the store. In the past, vicki has sewn patches on jeans where the hole was so close to a seam that it took a bit of doing to put the hoop in place over the seam. You may not be able to avoid partially stitching the. Let me tell you the story of two pairs of jeans with hole ey knees and other worn places, and show you my methods success. Temporary spray adhesive will keep the threads and scrap stay in place. Ive been patching holes on a pair of the son in laws jeans putting the patch on the inside, but i was fortunate to be able to use the sewing machine. Remember that your patch needs to be larger than the hole so add about a half an inch to each measurement to cut out the proper fabric or choose the right patch. Cut a piece of blue jean fabric that is at least 12 inch larger than the. You can put the patch on the inside of the jeans, or if youre using decorative patches, youll want to.

If there is wear along the seam, you may end up creating a new hole once youre done. Turn the pant leg inside out and center the patch right side down over the pins. Sewing in a patch to fix a larger hole find a patch or suitable patching material. Follow along as a levis master tailor shows you how to keep your favorite jeans looking good. Place the patch of fabric on the inside of the jeans under the hole. Some people swear by doing some stitching in blue and some in white. Since the ironon patches over the knee area are exposed to a lot of wear and stress, however, the patches will not stay on the jeans longterm unless a simple whipstitch. For replacement parts or further assistance, contact patagonia customer service. How to mend holes in jeans repair jeans, how to patch. How much should a tailor charge to patch a hole in my jeans. Jeans today are a regular part of the apparel of both men and women. With a few simple tools and sewing skills, you can add style and keep air from hitting your legs. Some people like to patch their jeans even if they dont need repair.

How to mend holes in jeans repair jeans, how to patch jeans. Hand repairs how to hand darn, patch, and repair hems. Most people have a favorite pair of jeans and if anything happens to that pair of jeans, such as a rip or hole, most people would prefer to repair the problem than throw. Fixing holes in jeans, inner thigh or crotch from rubbing i did a blog post about a year and a half ago about fixing the inner thigh of your pants that have worn through as the new stretch jean fabric is less durable and sturdy than the old regular cotton jean fabric. Let me tell you the story of two pairs of jeans with holeey knees and other worn places, and show you my methods success. How to fix ripped jeans with visible mending sashiko.

Then turn the jeans back the right way and put more pins in the top side to hold the patch from the outside instead of the inside and take the inside pins out. For denim ironon patches, try to find a patch which matches the general shade of the jeans. Cut the patch to fit the hole or tear in the jeans. Patches start with cutting out a piece of fabric larger than the hole you need to cover. No longer are they simply work wear they have become a fashion item.

I like the way it looks much better than a big patch on the outside. It got me to thinking, however, about what i might do if the legs were too narrow for the machine. Were using safety pins here since we will be jamming our. You can easily purchase ironon patches for blue jeans which can be cut to size. Starting on the outside of the hole, sew forward until youre on the inside of the hole, on the scrap fabric. How to fix ripped jeans with visible mending sashiko and. Cooler weather means wearing jeans frequently, and wearing jeans frequently means wearing jeans out more quickly than you ever thought possible.

You have a nice clean finish that will extend the life of your jeans and adds a cute, custom detail. I had jeans in the past that would wear down, but id just sew a patch into it and carry on until i couldnt stand the feeling any more. The color shown in the image is the inside of the patch inside the pants, the color facing outward is dark blue. This method for fixing up your jeans actually works. Ideal size 414 by 334 will help to hide the shortcomings of both small and large holes and enough to create your own design package includes 10 patches.

You can pick material to patch with that either blends in or contrasts the material you are patching, depending on your desired look. If you want a basic fix without adding too many distracting elements these are. In part 2 let me show you how to repair, patch, stitch, sew and repair a very very large hole in a pair of jeans and make them look brilliant again. Jan 18, 2016 patching is a great way to repair large holes that form at knees and pockets. Straighten fabric around the hole to ensure the fabric is smooth and wrinklefree. Patching jeans is not a difficult task, even when there is no sewing machine at hand. Instead of throwing damaged jeans away in defeat, there are a number of methods you can do to fix a hole. Feb 20, 2018 this answer may collapse because it is too brief, but so be it. Oct 24, 2012 im using my naked and famous x blue in green jeans as the test subject. Turning your jeans inside out, pin your patch right side down, placing the pins on either side of the hole.

Fusibles can also be used, but you will still need to sew on the piece of fabric for it to be strong enough to hold a belt loop. Best glue for patching jeans complete guide the creative folk. The hardest part of sewing a patch over a jeans hole is choosing how to cover it. How to fix holes in blue jeans the happy housewife home. Now for the kid test as you can see, the options are absolutely endless for this. How to fix holes in blue jeans the happy housewife. Push it down completely, pinning it to the inside of the jeans as. Product iron on denim patches for clothing jeans, 302012pack nosew denim patches assorted cotton jeans repair kit great. How to patch stretch jeans so they still stretch the daily sew.

Master denim repair jeans restoration with indigo proof artofittake in pants under the belt loopo artofitstitch your life together with these 8 clever sewing hacks artofithow to take in jeans at the waist. Jeans are relatively easy to patch when the holes are on the torso portion, but they can be difficult when the holes are in the legs, especially near the knees. Feb 01, 2015 learn how to patch jeans in this stepbystep diy jeans repair tutorial. With a little knowledge, patching your own jeans isnt all that tough and can be pretty satisfying. The jeans i sewed the patches onto are made with 2way stretch denim, stretching across the jeans. Keep the patch face up over the hole so that the patch is overlapping atleast 14 inch all around the hole if not use a bigger patch.

The pic shows the patch on the top it also has an identical patch on the inside and a yettobepatched hole. Iron over this use the correct heat for denim and use some pressure to fix it properly. The pockets of jeans are especially susceptible to wearing out because of continual use. So, if your favorite blue jeans are worn just a little too thin, i know how hard it is to give up your goto pair of jeans. I keep several shades of blue denim and khaki thread on hand, so i always have a close match. If your favorite pairs are ripping, fraying, or just showing more wearandtear than youd like, these 10 diys will keep them functioning and looking fabulous all fall. Depending on the size of the jeans youre mending and the location of the problem area, it may take a little. I did not try 4way stretch jeans, jeans which stretch in all directions. If your favorite pair of jeans are developing holes or you want to reinforce a torn area. The hole in the jeans that needed patching is being held taut by an embroidery hoop. When you want to fix a hole in a pair of jeans quickly and with a minimum of fuss, go for an ironon patch. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Step 2 sew around the circumference of the patch once, using your sewing machine and the preset zigzag stitch. Cut a piece of soft interfacing that is slightly larger than the hole in your jeans.

An easy way to fix holes in your jeans and other garments. Vicki took photos as she mended one pair of mikes blue jeans. Whip stitch the thread will wrap continuously in loops around the edge of the fabric. Oct 27, 2015 or, if you cant wait and dont want to pay, you can repair those rips, holes, and tears yourself. Sew zigzag patterns to recreate the broken warp yarns. I have always just used pieces of other denim jeans to patch my families pants jeans. Colorful patches can lend an artistic and unique feel to the jeans, but most ironon patches come in denim shades. Purchase an ironon patch at a department or craft store. Ragged, holey jeans are sold in highend department stores, so heres a great way to duplicate the look for next to nothing and repair your favorite jeans in the process. I suggest that you find a reputable seamstress who will be cheaper less expensive than a tailor, some of whom will find other repairs that need his expertise, painstking labor, tale. Why put a patch on the outside of your jeans if the repair can be made without seeing the patch. With the jeans still on a flat surface, put the fabric or patch into place.

Cut a patch out of a spare pair of pants i used bottoms from boys pants i made into cutoffs and old, trashed pairs of my husbands jeans that covers the hole generously. He wears those jeans with the wide legs making that chore easier. I got the idea for this method of patching holes from my roommate my first year of college, indirectly from abercrombie and fitch. However, a child can only have so many pairs of jean shorts. Head to your sewing machine and on the outside of the jeans, start stitching back and forth like a zillion times. Jeans were popular in america in the 18th and 19th centuries because workers found that the material didnt wear out easily. They are always ripping their jeans and putting holes in the knee. No matter how good or bad you are with a needle and thread, you can fix a hole in the crotch of your jeans. Now pin in place and then bastestitch around the edge of the patch.

You will want to do this carefully so that the patch lays flat with the jeans and there is no excess fabric in the patch. Mend your jeans fixing a hole in the thighbutt or anywhere. The first thing i did when the dryer cycle was done was to check my patch. Be sure to purchase a patch thats clearly labeled as an ironon. How to patch stretch jeans so they still stretch the. To do this you can slide your hand in and make sure you are pinning your hole more or less closed. Lay the jeans on a flat surface, and pin the patch to the area surrounding the hole. Spread fabric glue around the edges of the hole to stop it from growing 2. Pin the patch to the inside of the jeans so you know it is where it is meant to be covering the whole hole with some well over the edges. Make your jeans last longer and save money with these hacks even if you dont sew. Place a few pins on the edge of the damage as a guide to center the patch. Place the patch over the hole, enduring that the webbing is between the jeans and the denim patch. I just cut a patch turn the jeans inside out and glue the patch down.

How to mend a rip in the thigh of your jeans crafting a. I wore the jeans for a few days and then washed them. However, i found this awesome tutorial on patching holes in denim jeans. Repairing jeans with invisible mending closet case patterns. If the tear is very bad, open up the seam, darn the area and then resew the seam and replace the topstitching. On these grey jeans i cut two matching ironon patches into more of a square shape and stitched in a matching thread using a basic overcastwhip stitch. See more ideas about diy clothes, diy fashion and sewing hacks. I am sitting here with 2 pairs of jeans to patch and 2 more this weekend when daughter brings home laundry this weekend and i will be patching patches as well.

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