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Maggie est le prochain film dans lequel arnold schwarzenegger va rouler des mecaniques, confronte cette fois a une terrible epidemie qui. Met arnold schwarzenegger, abigail breslin en joely richardson. Apr 22, 2015 maggie film clip arnold schwarzenegger abigail breslin. First look at arnold schwarzenegger in the zombie film.

Schwarzenegger zombie movie maggie releasing in early 2015. If you preferred the road to the walking dead then this is the film for you. Allinall, maggie, while very slowpaced, is an emotional journey capped off by two knockout performances. Theres a deadly zombie epidemic threatening humanity, but wade arnold schwarzenegger, a smalltown farmer and family man, refuses to accept defeat even when his daughter maggie abigail. My costar, abigail breslin, is absolutely incredible in the title role, and our director, henry hobson, made a beautiful film. Maggie could be a crucial film for arnold schwarzenegger at this stage of his career. During her transformation, her loving father stays by her side. Breslins portrayal of the films title role, maggie, marks her second venture into walking dead territory, following zombieland, the 2009 feature in which breslin teamed with a rag tag group of survivors to fend off zombies in a postapocalyptic world. If you have the patience for it and know what youre getting yourself into ahead of time. Maggie, the glum new indie that technically fits that description, meets almost none of them. Arnold schwarzenegger, in a rare dramatic role, plays the father of a teenager abigail breslin whos been infected by zombies. Il etait une fois arnold schwarzenegger paris match.

British director henry hobson, who usually designs credits, enticed hollywood action man. Arnold schwarzenegger boarding zombie project maggie project set to shoot in the fall. May 08, 2015 arnold schwarzenegger has transformed into a real goddamn actor. Apr 23, 2015 starringt arnold schwarzenegger, abigail breslin, joely richardson, laura cayouette release date.

Maggie is not what anyone would expect from a schwarzenegger. Its hard to put into words what it meant to me to work with this legend who i grew up watching in westerns in our little theater in austria. Aftermath bande annonce vf arnold schwarzenegger, 2017. Probably not, but it goes a long way in showing that in the right kind of film and the perfect role, schwarzenegger is capable of more than being an expendable terminator. From the way he talks about the film, maggiewhich was directed by firsttime feature filmmaker henry hobson and written by newcomer john scott 3is a project schwarzenegger is incredibly passionate about. In cop land, stallone stripped himself of all the violent artifice that comes with his build, presenting a vulnerability that is hauntingly effective.

Maggie trailer arnold schwarzenegger zombie movie 2015 forget terminator, this is the schwarzenegger film for 2015. Maggie was shared with an audience for the first time at the 2015 tribeca film festival on. Check out the first behindthescenes image, featuring costars arnold schwarzenegger and abigail breslin. This is the most human zombie film youve ever seen, and its the most human role youve ever seen me take on. Maggie clip has schwarzenegger ready for a zombie attack. Arnold schwarzenegger has transformed into a real goddamn actor. Surprising because the film deals with a world in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, but you wont find schwarzenegger stacking up piles of undead corpses or anything like that. Maggie trailer 2015 arnold schwarzenegger abigail breslin trailer subscribe for more. Jul, 2015 how arnold schwarzenegger came to star in low budget film maggie this article is more than 4 years old. Instead, maggie is an affecting family drama that should appeal to fans of the walking dead rather than those expecting dawn of the dead. Schwarzenegger has remained a prominent presence in the sport of bodybuilding and has written several books and numerous articles on the sport. Maggie official trailer 2015 arnold schwarzenegger youtube. Will maggie steer schwarzenegger away from blockbusters.

Tiff debuted the maggie images in advance of the film. Arnold schwarzenegger sucks life out of zombie movie maggie. Arnold schwarzenegger has officially made his indie debut. Arnold schwarzenegger plays a devoted father whos struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife and pregnant daughter in a horrific plane crash. Arnold schwarzenegger, abigail breslin, joely richardson, laura cayouette. Get your first look at arnold schwarzenegger in maggie. He says he is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. For those who werent aware of the projects announcement or casting, the film stars schwarzenegger obvs alongside abigail breslin little miss sunshine in a zombie movie that is decidedly different from something like day of the dead or even. Maggie is schwarzeneggers cop land, that is, a feature designed to highlight and showcase that which an action movie hero could only hint at in glancing moments between explosions. Genisys is the 2015 arnold schwarzenegger movie that most people are talking about right now, but its not the actors only film arriving this year. Adventurous teens may appreciate the movies attempts at something different, but more traditional, diehard zombie fans may find it slow and boring. Maggie trailer 2015 arnold schwarzenegger zombie movie.

Directed by henry hobson, the story follows arnold schwarzenegger setting out to protect his infected daughter abigail breslin when a zombie epidemic is threatening the world. Project, based on the black list script by john scott 3, is set at a time when a walking dead virus which has spread across the country. In the film, schwarzenegger plays a farmer whose daughter abigal breslin is infected with a. The 17yearold actress has entered talks to play the title role in the film, which cast arnold schwarzenegger last month as maggies dad. Maggie film clip arnold schwarzenegger abigail breslin. May 04, 2015 with his upcoming indie zombie drama maggie opening in theaters on may 8, arnold schwarzenegger has released yet another clip on his facebook page. But unlike the walking dead or 28 days later, this film is more about arnolds daughter, played by abigail breslin, as she its arnold schwarzenegger vs. He plays the father of a teenager abigail breslin who gets infected by zombies. Apr 23, 2015 arnold schwarzenegger cant emote subtly enough to carry this indie apocalypse fantasy about a father putting off bringing his zombie daughter to the slaughter. Schwarzenegger shows surprising delicacy as a man trying to. It kind of threw people for a loop when the first image of arnold schwarzenegger in the upcoming film maggie first circulated the interwebs. Arnold schwarzeneggers first zombie movie maggie has almost arrived in the uk, and while we might be more than used to the living dead stalking our screens both big and small, the star. Maggie is a dramatic departure for schwarzenegger, who is. Maggie official trailer 2015 arnold schwarzenegger.

Starringt arnold schwarzenegger, abigail breslin, joely richardson, laura cayouette release date. The uploader has not made this video available in your country. On the issue of abortion, he describes himself as prochoice, but supports parental notification for minors and a ban on partialbirth abortion. Maggie abigail breslin, from a world crammed with artfully uglified, zomboid victims of a ghastly virus. Maggie has been infected by a lethal outbreak that transforms the victim into a zombie. Arnold schwarzenegger is probably not your man when it comes to. The home video details for the stellar arnold schwarzenegger zombie film maggie are here along with the box art. How arnold schwarzenegger came to star in low budget film. Directed by henry hobson with a screenplay by john scott, maggie looks to take the zombie genre in a different, more intimate direction. Mar 25, 2015 in maggie muss sich arnold schwarzenegger um seine mit einem zombievirus infizierte tochter kummern. How arnold schwarzenegger came to star in low budget film maggie.

A teenage girl in the midwest becomes infected by an outbreak of a disease that slowly turns the infected into cannibalistic zombies. Though set in a world where a virus has turned a portion of the population into flesheating fiends, the film features only a few rotting stragglers. Maggie is a dramatic departure for schwarzenegger, who is better known for his action film roles. Parents need to know that maggie which stars arnold schwarzenegger is a zombie drama with an unusual and touching view of life and death.

Vern kaplan releases maggie to spend her last days with wade and her family. As an independent production, maggie was made on a much smaller budget than the actors worked under in decades. Arnold schwarzenegger on maggie under the radar music. Arnold schwarzenegger maggie official trailer facebook. Abigail breslin and arnold schwarzenegger are going to. First look at arnold schwarzenegger in the zombie film maggie production has begun on the zombie film maggie. Arnold schwarzenegger is joining the dadcore movement of action heroes with the upcoming horror drama maggie. After a couple of weeks seeking out his teenage daughter maggie, wade finds her in the quarantine wing of a hospital. Maggie is a 2015 american postapocalyptic horror drama film directed by henry hobson, in his directorial debut, written by john scott 3, and starring arnold schwarzenegger, abigail breslin and joely richardson. A zombie movie starring arnold schwarzenegger sounds like it should be campy fun, but firsttime director henry hobsons maggie is grimly onenote, a small mood piece and character study that. Genisys, but before that, the 67yearold action movie legend is taking on a darker, more dramatic role in the independent zombie film maggie. Maggie 2015 schwarzenegger plays a dad coping with his daughters devolution into a braineating zombie. Arnold schwarzenegger is set to return to one of his most iconic blockbuster franchises later this summer in terminator.

Maggie is an event, a quiet, artistic and deeply felt performance that captures us when we are in a place we dont understand. Schwarzenegger gained worldwide fame as a hollywood action film icon, noted for his lead roles in such films as conan the barbarian, the terminator, commando and predator. After disappointing retuns at the domestic box office on his last two films, sabotage and expendables 3, the former governator could use a critical and financial hit to help build momentum heading into terminator. According to the hollywood reporter, the studio purchased rights for maggie, starring arnold schwarzenegger and abigail breslin as a father and. Maggie trailer arnold schwarzenegger zombie movie 2015. Maggie trailer starring arnold schwarzenegger film. Arnold schwarzenegger says maggie is very much a human. Schwarzenegger shows surprising delicacy as a man trying to prevent his child succumbing to a deadly virus. The words arnold schwarzenegger zombie movie create certain expectations. A lot of people have been questioning why make it a zombie film and not just any infection but without maggie s disease making her ultimately dangerous, wade would not have had to wrestle with his conscience in what he had to do, making the whole film pointless. A young movie fan gets thrown into the movie world of his favourite action film character. Maggie movie clip thats my girl 2015 arnold schwarzenegger, abigail breslin movie hd duration. The film, which will be released in uk cinemas this month, was written by a. Ill always be proud of the movie and the fantastic team that worked on it, starting with my great friend jim cameron and the cast and all the way down to hair and makeup, catering, crafty, transpo, and the whole team.

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